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Old School Barbering With A Twist

After we left our two-year stint of operating an award-winning barbershop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we came back home to Lehigh Valley with the vision of providing top-quality service for each member of the family.

Despite being opened only in 2017, our small grassroots shop has already received the recognition of being the “Best Barber” in the Morning Call’s “Readers Choice 2020”.

We will continue to strive for excellence in every service that we provide. This is also our way of paying homage to the men and women who worked at Bethlehem Steel and made the city into what it is today. The name Steel City Beards & Shears stems from our desire to honor them for their sacrifices.

Start Your Own Barbershop With Steel City Beards & Shears

At Steel City Beards & Shears, our unique franchise opportunity blends nostalgia with modernity. Consider a real barbershop, equipped with licenced barbers and actual barber chairs. Where everyone may relax with an old-fashioned hot lather, a soothing neck massage, a straight-edge razor shave, or a good, old-fashioned haircut. Steel City Beards & Shears has been raising the bar for barbershops while also growing our franchise family one location at a time.

With Steel City Beards & Shears, you will be treated the way we would like to be treated. While we have no plans to conquer the world of barbershops, we would like each location to be an integral part of the Steel City Beards & Shears family. Our corporate philosophy is based on attention, care, and passion for your barbershop.

Reasons For Trusting Us

Recognized as the “Best Barber” in the Morning Call’s “Readers Choice 2020”.

Award-winning barbershop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in a two-year stint.

We strive to provide only excellent service to all of our customers.

What You Need To Know About Barbershop Franchises

Barbers cut and shave hair with oyster shells and sharpened flint, a practice dating back to 5000 BC. Today, barbering technology has advanced significantly. At its core, barbering is a historic profession.

Right now, owning a barbershop franchise is a great investment.

In terms of male grooming, the twentieth century wasn’t great. Men tended to take a very Spartan approach to grooming, whereas female grooming is as elaborate and important as it is today.

Nowadays, male grooming has developed a much more open approach, and a whopping $56 billion is spent on the industry each year. There is no doubt that barbershop franchises have found their place within the male grooming boom, bringing in around $26 billion in the US each year. In the United States, barbering has become one of the fastest-growing professions.

The popularity of the beard has also increased exponentially in the twentieth century, especially among younger generations. The Hipster generation spends a lot of time grooming and styling their hair and beards.

So, barbershop franchises have made a big resurgence in the US, bringing a new and pleasant twist to the old plain and Spartan barbershops. While local barbershops have traditionally had a feeling of community, many barbershop franchises have started to include a sense of elegance normally reserved for women’s salons.

The business is now acknowledging that males, too, like to be treated. And why would you ever not? We all work hard and deserve a little indulgence.


The franchising business concept dates back to the time of your great-great-grandfather. The franchise system has proven popular and successful for the following reasons:

You are in charge of your career.

A road map to success is provided to you. The franchisor will walk you through each stage and provide continuing support.

You work with a well-known brand. And, in rare instances, you may be a catalyst for a badass brand to get national attention.

You may make use of a robust network. The corporate staff and other franchisees are continuously brainstorming new ways to grow the company, and you'll have access to some of the industry's greatest marketing, business, and analytics tools.

You are pursuing a cause that you are enthusiastic about. A franchisee is great if they are an entrepreneurial-minded person or group with a can-do attitude and a desire for success.

Franchising Steel City Beards & Shears

The hair care industry serves a need rather than a want, unlike many other industries. Since hair does not stop growing, even in economically challenging times, when homeownership, new cars, and family vacations are put on hold, haircuts and shaves do not.

The hair salon franchise industry also believes that success is dependent on barbering and hairdressing skills. This is not true. Company ownership or management is the most relevant experience.

In Steel City Beards & Shears, owners enjoy the following benefits:

It is recession-proof. investment.

You can take a break without fear of losing your business.

The industry is worth 65 billion dollars.

What makes owning Steel City Beards & Shears special?


We wanted Steel City Beards & Shears to be fun for everyone involved, including staff, customers, and ourselves. So we started by caring for our staff. This has proven to be one of our most competitive advantages.

Over the years, we have worked to improve our company model as well as our internal procedures. Our strategy will remain focused on developing and operating corporate sites from all angles to improve our model. We are passionate about our business and intend to remain so.

What motivates us? We simply enjoy working with our staff, customers, and franchisees.

Commitment is essential to us and it cannot be taken for granted.

It is our duty to dedicate ourselves to you from the beginning.

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