Longing to make some changes to your look? Aside from getting a haircut, changing your hair color can also make a big difference. Here at Steel City Beards & Shears, we can help you find the right color that will fit your personality and lifestyle. Take a look at the services we offer and choose which one works best for the vision you had in mind.

Color Re-touch ($50 & up)

So you’ve had a new color applied and you’ve spent a few blissful weeks rocking your new look. But once your roots start growing, it can start to look awkward. Ideally, you want to get your roots retouched every 6-8 weeks. The price for root coloring starts at $50, and this can go up depending on what glazing is used during the process.

Partial Highlights ($125 & up)

For those who are not yet ready to dive into a new hair color, highlights are a great way to test the waters. If you don’t want to commit to full highlights, partial highlights will only be done to one section of your hair. This new color can go anywhere on your head. It can be framed around your face, or at the top of your head. Partial highlights are great for adding dimension to your face. There is also less risk for damage, plus it costs less than getting full highlights. The price for partial highlights starts at $150 and goes up depending on the formulas that will be applied, as well as the volume of your hair.

Full Highlights ($175 & up)

Full highlights of course cover a lot of hair compared to partial highlights. Expect a more dramatic change in color if opting for this service, but you can still achieve a subtle look depending on the formula used. It’s important to communicate with your stylist about the look you are going for so they will know what parts of your hair should be highlighted. The price for full highlights is considerably higher, starting at $150, with the cost going higher depending on how thick your hair is and the formula that will be used.

Olaplex Treatment ($30)

Protect your hair from damage by adding Olaplex treatment when you have your hair highlighted or colored. The process will not only repair any hair damage but will also prevent further stress to your hair caused by the chemicals.

Color Re-Touch
(root coloring or refreshing of ends)


Partial Highlights
(price depends on formulas used/hair)


Olaplex Treatment
(added to color service)


Full Highlights
(price depends on formulas used/hair)