Beards and Shaves

Getting ready for a big day and you need to look clean and sharp? Worry no more because we’ll have you looking your best in no time. Thousands of years ago, men would get rid of unwanted facial hair with the use of many crude tools such as stone before moving on to copper, bronze and iron. As the centuries went by, the invention of the razor in 1680 brought a big chance to the practice. Eventually, newer and more modern razors and blades have been inventions, but there is still something very classic with getting a hot towel straight blade razor shave. Get ready to be brought back in time with the help of our experts at Steel City Beards & Shears.

For only $15, we will give a Full Beard trim, with beard oil applied as per your request. But our top-notch service does not just stop there.

In order to better service our clients, we have two types of face shaves that we offer here at Steel City Beards & Shears. Clients who wish to have a haircut or a beard trim are encouraged to just drop by our location, no need to book an appointment.

The Men’s Face Shave ($30)

This may not be the traditional way of shaving that you know, but we can guarantee that it is just as relaxing. Instead of a straight blade razor, we make use of an electric Profoil shaver. After the procedure, we still apply hot towels so that your skin will stay soft. As an added service, we can also apply moisturizer.

Aside from being more sanitary, our Face Shave treatment also costs almost half what a traditional straight blade razor shave does.

Men’s Hot Towel / Lather Shave ($50)

If you want to stick to the traditional straight blade razor shave, we can assure you that we are also experts at this method. You’ll surely feel relaxed while you get your shave using our warm, frothy lather, and hot towels. You might even find yourself dozing off in your chair! After the session, you’ll be amazed at how smooth your skin is.


Beard Trim
(beard oil applied upon request)


Men’s Face Shave
(moisturizer applied upon request)


Men’s Hot Towel / Lather Shave